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Academic Counseling

Australian Skills Academy Pty. Ltd. (ASA) offers services to discuss student’s academic interests and objectives to make sure that they are enrolled in the right qualification. If required, we would recommend and facilitate options for students to seek professional career counselling.

Australian Skills Academy Pty. Ltd. does not offer professional counselling service to students. @Angels Connect acts as a point of contact and offers support to students and staff on matters and issues that fall within his capacity. However, if you needs professional counselling or support services, then @Angels Connect will seek or recommend professional counselling agency.


The Manager of Student Services at Australian Skills Academy Pty. Ltd. is not a professional counsellor. However, we can assist you as the first point of contact.

If the Manager of Student Services identifies the need for a student to be referred to a professional counsellor, he will make recommendations and suggest a reliable and qualified psychologist.