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Disability Access & Support

During the enrolment & orientation process, all potential candidates will be offered an opportunity to discuss any special or additional needs they may require to fulfil their study requirements. This would be with regards to any arrangements needed while being a student at Australian Skills Academy Pty Ltd. For example Children, family commitments, disability or medical condition, other commitments, and religious obligations.

The Australian Skills Academy Pty Ltd representative will make a note of this on the student application form OR add notes to the students’ enrolment file and will evaluate it during the time of final selection.

The ASA acknowledges that learners sometimes may have personal issues that can impact on their capacity to participate in learning. In the event you may need to access support services we can assist you.

For example, you might be feeling anxious / worried / scared, or being harassed, discriminated or bullied or having health issues or feeling threatened or It may be family or legal issues, it can be a variety of things that you might not be coping with as well as you should. We can help. Your contact is the “Support Services Officer” located at Bankstown.

There is no need to make an appointment just ask for Marina Khoury.

Marina will talk to you about any issue in confidence and will do everything possible to steer you to the right people, who can assist you.  A good starting point is Angels Connect which is a community services provider providing professional help to those that need it.

Most of the Support Services will be delivered by Government and Semi Government agencies so it is unlikely these services will be free.

Language Literacy Numeracy(LLN) Support

There is a process of pre-training review is to determine if the course is right for you based on past education, experience or skills. The admission may advise of Language, Literacy and Numeracy test to determine the right level of study for you.

For student sometimes, people have difficulty to progress on the course because of language, literacy and numeracy problems. So for all new students/clients having a problem with reading, writing and math skills, they can get support with extra classes or workshops.

For LLN support, please contact your respective course trainer or course coordinator or the Australian Skills Academy Pty Ltd reception.