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What courses help you get a job during COVID-19?

What courses help you get a job during COVID-19?

If you have lost your job or been made redundant during the Covid-19 outbreak, you may be considering signing up for one of the many online training courses that are available. 

For anyone experiencing distress during these uncertain times, The Australian Government Department of Health is offering support and immediate advice. 

Before you commit to a specific course that will help you get a job during Covid-19, you need to understand whether it will make you a strong competitor when it comes to applying for jobs. 

Below are five steps to help you decide on a course that will help you get a job during Covid-19: 

1. Why do I want to study? 

Think about why you want to study. Is it to: 

    • Help you to make the move to a new job or career? 
    • Fill any skills-gaps that could be holding you back from getting the job you want? 
    • Gain new skills to help you in your current job? 
    • Pass some time by learning something that interests you? 
    • Make you more competitive for jobs in your current industry when the shutdown ends? 

Having a clear and concise goal can help you decide what training you require. A short course, license or skill set may be all you need to boost your existing career. While moving into a new industry may require longer-term training (and a larger financial commitment).

2. What jobs are available, now, and long term? 

If you are looking for a career change, you should consider what jobs will be available as the economy opens up and which employers will be hiring. Where will new employees be needed and what type of jobs will employers be looking to fill? Healthcare and IT are just two examples of industries that are currently in-demand and are likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Other industries might take longer to offer opportunities for job seekers.

3. What skills do I need to be competitive for the job I want? 

Think about the job you want and research what skills and experience employers are looking for. 

Do employees need to have: 

    • Specified personal traits? Such as good communication, reliability, and the ability to work in harmony with co-workers? 
    • Formal qualifications to do this job? For example, Teaching or nursing qualifications. 
    • Industry accreditation or licenses? This may include forklift licenses and IT accreditations.

What type of online training is right for you? 

Once you have an understanding of the job you want and the skills required, you need to find the training that is right for you.  

Don’t assume that because a course is expensive, that it will guarantee you a job. View training as you would any other financial investment. Make sure that it’s the right one for you, and that you will benefit from it. 

Free short courses may not make you an expert in a particular field, but these can be a great way to dip your toe into a particular industry or role to see if it would be a good fit. 

5. Committing to long term training 

Many education providers offer online courses. So how do you know which one is right for you? 

Things to think about before committing to formal training include: 

    • How long will the course take to complete and how many hours a week will you need to commit? What are the costs of the course? How will you pay for this? Are there extras to factor in, such as additional equipment and textbooks? 
    • What qualification will you gain at the end? Do employers value this qualification? Be mindful that a qualification may not be enough  you may also require relevant work experience. 

These are questions you should have answers to before committing to any course or training. 

Australian Skills Academy aims to provide a quality education so that all students have a better chance for a brighter tomorrow. 

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