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Australian Skills Academy RTO code: 45385 aims to provide quality education so that all students have a better chance for a brighter tomorrow.

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For Employers

For Employers

Learning never ends. Ensure that you and your staff stay compliant, transform with the times, and keep up with your industry through ASA’s courses custom made for your unique business.

Transform Your Talent

We know that nothing is more important for a business than the talent you have in your team. Your staff are the lifeblood, grease, cogs and culture of your business, and knowing how to transform your talent and continue developing your staff into increasingly varied or extensive roles can only benefit you in the long run. When you grow your business, grow your staff as well for long-term success!

Custom Courses

Every single business is different, with a unique culture, staff, practices and procedures. This is why ASA offers custom courses that will be tailored to what you specifically need in your business, whatever industry you may be in. Need to refresh your WHS procedures, or provide a leadership training course for your management team? Make sure the training you provide specifically target your needs with ASA’s custom course offering!

Upskill / Reskill Your Staff

Industry changes rapidly, especially in our current climate where technological advancement and social compliance is transforming by the month. This is why giving opportunities for your staff to upskill or reskill in their respective industries, keeping up with current industry standards and skills, will you stay ahead of the game.  Our courses are flexible and up-to-date, making it easy for your staff to balance work, study and their personal life.

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