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Is A Mature Age Student Even A Thing Anymore?

Is a mature age student even a thing anymore?

If you’re considering studying after spending some time in the workforce, you’re possibly feeling a little uncertain.   

You may be asking yourself if a mature age student is even a thing anymore?  Mature-age (25 and over) students often report feeling overwhelmed, anxious about ‘making the grade’ or simply lonely, while many struggle to juggle study with work and family obligations. 

It could be because it’s your first time undertaking tertiary study, and you’re unsure what to expect. Or maybe you’ve attended university in the past and didn’t have the greatest experience the first time around.  

While this apprehension is completely natural, you’ll be happy to learn that your time away from study will probably wind up working in your favour! 

Mature age students often end up being the most motivated and dedicated to their studies, which is an unequivocal combination for success.  

There can be many reasons for this, whether it’s the extra skills you’ve gained during your time in the workforce or the added perspective that studying at a mature age gives you: 

1. Experience 

If you’ve spent time in a work environment and had experience navigating the challenges of day-to-day adult life, you’ve likely developed several skills that will come in handy when studying. 

Time management, self-motivation and prioritisation of tasks will prove incredibly helpful when undertaking tertiary study, and from your professional experience, you’ll probably find you’re pretty good at these things already! 

2. Maturity and motivation 

For some students who have entered university straight out of high school, it can be easy to take opportunities for granted. This can be because they’re unsure where uni will lead them or they’re studying in part due to external pressures, such as parents. 

By contrast, as an older student, you’re more likely to have a very clear idea of the reason you’ve decided to study. This, in turn, means you’re also going to find it much easier to keep yourself motivated. 

While working your studies around your existing life commitments may take a bit of time, the excitement you get from feeling genuinely motivated by your course content can make the hard work more enjoyable. 

3. Stress relief 

While university will obviously have stresses of its own, learning is actually very good for stress relief in everyday life. When your time is managed properly, you’ll likely find that study can easily form part of a healthy lifestyle and can provide you with a lot of enjoyment. 

Often, mature age students love settling down to their work as a reward at the end of the day – because this is a time that is purely for them, for their own self-development and for their own goals, so it becomes a very precious time. 

Some mature age students may wonder if they will have to quit their job to become a student. You’ll be happy to know that there is a number of flexible options available. You may choose to study part-time or pursue a qualification online. 

Others are concerned because they struggled during their high school years.  If you didn’t enjoy high school or found it difficult, you may be quick to dismiss becoming a mature age student. Many students find that they thrive when given the opportunity to pursue study in an area of interest, regardless of their results in high school. If it’s been a long time since you last studied, you may be surprised how your skills have developed since then; work and life experience can be very valuable!  

Heading back to the classroom can be stressfulbut it’s not as scary as some make it out to be! 

If you’re keen to organise your application and head back to study, the team at Australian Skills Academy provide a quality education so that ALL students have a better chance for a brighter tomorrow. 

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