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As long as there is Big Brother, there will be compliance

As long as there is Big Brother, you will need compliance. Industries will always need quality auditors.

What is a Quality Auditor?

A Quality Auditor will audit, monitor and evaluate quality systems and procedures. A Quality audit is the process of systematic examination of a quality system carried out by an internal or external quality auditor or an audit team.

They can also help determine whether an organization is compliant with the requirements of a specific quality system.


There is no set definition of a quality audit, and many factors influence audit quality. As a result, judging audit quality can be challenging and subjective. That’s why training and getting the required certification is crucial to make sure quality standards are up to par.




Professional scepticism

Exercising professional scepticism is a critical part of conducting quality audits. The auditor must critically assess, with a questioning mind, the validity of the audit evidence obtained and management’s judgements on accounting estimates and treatments.

Auditors should not:

  • be over-reliant on, or readily accept, the explanations and representations of the management of audited entities without challenging matters such as key underlying assumptions, or
  • seek out evidence to corroborate estimates or treatments rather than appropriately challenging them.


What are ISO’?


Why is Quality Auditing a future job?

As long as there is Big Brother watching the backs of companies, businesses and making sure quality standards are being adhered to, there will be quality auditing jobs. Businesses have an incentive to streamline their processes and keep their systems up to date, efficient and adhered to because of compliance and law. This is why when governance and Big Brother looking over their shoulders, there will always be an incentive to make the cost of hiring a Quality Auditor worth the investment. It’s a job with great sustainability for the future.



Industries will always need quality auditors.

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