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What is Job Ready?

What is Job Ready?

Looking for a job can take a long time. But you can also find a job quickly.  Jobs are often advertised for a short time and close quickly. Apply quickly, but carefully. Make sure that your CV is up-to-date, and that you are job ready. 

The Centre for Future Work has released a major new report documenting the new challenges faced by graduates in finding jobs that are stable, rewarding, and that utilize their skills. 

Employers value young people 

Young people may feel that a lack of experience or confidence is a problem for them, but most employers understand and value the benefits young people bring to the workplace.  

These include: 

    • A fresh perspective and new ideas. 
    • Energy, spark and enthusiasm. 
    • Fewer obligations and greater availability

When employers are asked what they look for 
in younger employees, one thing they always say is that you must be job ready. What do employers mean by that? 

Getting job ready 

To be job ready, employers say that you need to get these things right: 

    • Be positive and willing to work; including being punctual, completing tasks within deadlines and being interested in and enthusiastic about the job. 
    • Get along with colleagues – you need to show that you can work well with other people, and be polite, and considerate. 
    • Have acceptable basic skills – for almost any workplace you will need to at least have basic English, Maths and ICT skills. 
    • Gain qualifications or have evidence of learning – employers need people who continue to build their skills by actively seeking to learn new things. Learning doesn’t end when you leave school! 
    • Successfully complete work experience – Work experience is a valuable way to gain an insight into the workplace environment without the pressure of full-time employment.

If you have all these things, you should be able to get a job, but it can still take time.

Get job ready online 

It is important for your future to make sure you look good online. A good time to do this is well before you are job seekingMany employers will do a quick check to make sure your online presence is acceptable. Depending on the type of job you are applying for, more in-depth checks may be made.  

Here are some tips for getting work ready online: 
    • Get a sensible email address for job applications. Use it and check it regularly.  
    • Make sure private content is not visible and that public content, like your profile picture and cover image, look tidy and professional. 
    • Take down content or pictures which may present you in a bad light 
    • Join some professional networks. LinkedIn is popular but check other options as well, including networks and mailing lists in your chosen profession.  

Support to get work ready

If you need help to become job ready there is support available: 

    • At School – Young people receive Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) about different careers from Year 9 at school. This will usually include careers interviews, a work experience placement, and information about apprenticeships, and other options. 
    • Starting your work or apprenticeship – If you’re finding work hard, or you’re worried about your lack of skills or experience, take action. Your employer should be able to provide training to build skills and confidence. Apprentices can speak to their learning provider. 

Some young people 
require added support to get job-ready. This might be because they have learning difficulties or disabilities, or because there are other pressures in their life, like being a young parent or caregiver 

At ASA, there are flexible programs which are tailored to help a young person progress towards being job-ready. Get in touch for more information.  

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